We now are able to offer a unique opportunity to review your life and begin to heal emotional wounds with professional help: 

We run intensive trauma-reduction workshops in Wiltshire for people whose lives have been afftected by trauma- whether in childhood or in later life.  

Often trauma will afect how people manage themselves, (emotions, thoughts and feelings), and their relationships, and often prevents them from living the lives that they want. Understanding the impact the events have had on them and the way they view their world is the beginning of the healing process; uncovering and clarifying the residual effects is an important stage of the work that we do and allows each person to begin ther journey into a more balanced and healthy lifestyle with themselves and the ones they love.

The workshops are held in strict confidence and with complete respect for each person's views and wishes.


All therapists are highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

Numbers are strictly limited so please book early to ensure your place. 



 The  Family Workshop.

These workshops are open to any family member, and person suffering from addiction of any kind,  or anyone concerned about a loved one. 

 Workshops run monthly from 9am Friday -12pm Monday

For the next available date please get in touch.

to be held at :

Renewal Centre, Church Road, Swallowfield, Reading, Beks. RG7 1TJ

These are workshops designed to shed light on what addiction means, how it affects the afflicted soul, and the family and friends that surrounds him or her. Addiction causes the whole family system to become enmeshed with the sufferer's life and trauma. It is vital that this is understood if the sufferer is to get well and reintegrate themselves safely back into their family, and a healthy pattern of relationships created.

You will learn how alcohol, drugs and other addictions affect the brain and change the behaviour of a person. We will explain the options open to the individual and what can be done to help them. Very importantly we will look at what you can do to help your loved one and what can be done to keep your family from falling apart, rather than feeling that you are also a victim of the disease.

These workshops are constructed to help you to change your view on your circumstances, give you concrete ideas of how to make positive and effective changes, and furnish you with hope for the future. 

Workshop : £495 per person (includes lunches and refreshments)

B & B accommodation is available. Please see The Renewal Centre.


To book and for further information please contact Fullstop  


We run family programmes regularly and also hold workshops for small groups and for businesses and educational establishments.  For further information please contact us. 

Tel: 01747 825288 or mobile: 07786 608267

 or by email here.


Book Now for the Graduation Weekend: Friday 24th June 7pm- Sunday 25th June 1pm.

Further intensive work and plenty of fun for those who have already been on the 4-day trauma-reduction workshops.

To be held at The Martinsell centre, Oare, Marlborough. We will be working on:

Fun, learning and sharing!

Come and meet up with old friends and join us in some fun.

Contact us now to book your place. We will help you continue your work towards the life you want.self development workshop- butterflies

"We tried reasoning our way to Him: and it did not work,but th emoment we gave up no obstacle remained."


by Hakim Sanai




"Before we can learn, we need to learn how to learn and before we can learn how to learn we need to unlearn." 



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