Thoughts and help on addiction matters

A new police approach to heroin addicts in the USA

Helen Lickerish, 2/11/15 13:19
  A police program in Boston that helps fast-track heroin addicts into treatment is catching on in other states and showing signs of reducing crimes associated with addiction.  It seems... Read more

Addiction; A Family Affair.

Francis Lickerish, 14/9/15 14:54
 As well as affecting the suffering individual, addiction will seriously impact upon the whole family invoking anxiety, mistrust, resentment, anger and rigidity. The addiction (not the suffering ... Read more

The struggle is always towards.......

Francis Lickerish, 24/8/15 14:57
 One of the difficulties I face as an addiction therapist is managing and containing the fear experienced by an addicted person contemplating recovery. This fear is of course irrational on one... Read more

Self-Harm- why do people do it?

Helen Lickerish, 21/8/15 12:44
It can be very distressing when someone we know and care for deliberately hurts themselves. We may feel shocked, afraid, worried for their well-being and safety and sometimes even let down and angry. ... Read more

How the Body and Mind influence each other

Helen Lickerish, 15/7/15 15:14
Did you realise that just by simply paying attention to the fine movements and sensations of your body you can become more aware of what your mind is doing? Put quite simply, every thought and... Read more

How is the body affected by stress and trauma?

Helen Lickerish, 23/6/15 14:21
  Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes. There are examples that most people would consider to be "major" trauma events such as being the victim of an earthquake, or having been a... Read more

What factors increase likelihood of addiction?

Helen Lickerish, 5/5/15 10:08
 It is, perhaps, not surprising that difficulties in life can lead a person to drink. It's an old, worn-out saying that sadly still holds true today. 75% of calls made to Addiction... Read more

Survey on the lives of recovering addicts

Helen Lickerish, 16/4/15 14:20
Sheffield Hallam University, UK are conducting a new Nationwide survey designed to document the lives of people in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. While much is known about... Read more

Drug deaths

Helen Lickerish, 30/3/15 13:01
According to statistics, drug -related deaths are on the increase. The Office for National Statistics gave a figure of 1,812 in 2013, which was a 21% rise from the previous year.   To what are ... Read more

Drug use of Street children in Pakistan

Helen Lickerish, 24/3/15 11:15
   We are all aware, to some degree or other, that in Britain we have a disturbingly high number of homeless people and addicts- often coinciding.  Figures show that 6509 people... Read more

Dry bars

Helen Lickerish, 13/3/15 16:12
 At long last it appears there may be a trend to set up Dry bars and Restaurants in this country. And not before time. After having spent a couple of weeks out in Karachi, Pakistan, helping to... Read more

Do you know how much are you drinking?

Helen Lickerish, 3/12/14 12:54
Here are the bare basics of how much alcohol there is in each type of drink.   Drinks and units One unit of alcohol is about equal to: *Half a pint of ordinary strength beer, lager or cider ... Read more

Sex and the e-cigarette.

Helen Lickerish, 11/11/14 14:56
Many of us have been waiting to see whether the e-cigarette will become as "big" as the actual cigarette in terms of sales and appeal to the younger generations. The appeal of e-cigarettes ... Read more

Government debate on our drug laws

Helen Lickerish, 27/10/14 19:51
 On 30th October the government has been called to hold a debate on our country's drugs laws. You can chose to directly appeal to your MP and ask them to represent you and vote to hold an... Read more

Do Gamblers need help, or just will power?

Helen Lickerish, 20/10/14 11:22
   The same question crops up time and time again when people talk about addicts ...  "What makes an addict an addict, and why don't they just stop?". Other commonly posed... Read more

Energy drinks can affect iron intake.

Helen Lickerish, 1/10/14 13:36
There is a rising level of iron deficiency  among teenage girls, and it is thought that this may be linked to the amount of energy drinks that are being consumed. Research shows that around ... Read more

What to do when life gets overwhelming and filled with anxiety.

Helen Lickerish, 17/7/14 12:52
  Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Even the little things can seem to add up to just too much to cope with and we can begin to feel anxiety and panic arising. The small things of life ... Read more

Binge Drinking at University.

Helen Lickerish, 10/6/14 15:25
When the time comes for a child to leave the nest and go off to University parents will probably encounter a range of emotions. They may well be proud and excited for their child,  hopeful that... Read more

How to help with cravings.

Helen Lickerish, 4/6/14 14:13
In the early stages of recovery, no matter you have given up, be it alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, cake or a relationship, you will probably suffer from cravings that tempt you back to the addictive... Read more

Legal Highs

Helen Lickerish, 28/5/14 13:21
   Designer drugs are on the increase, and this is driven by the fact that they are so easy to get hold of on-line. Last year 81 new psychoactive drugs became available on the market,... Read more

Letting go of the need to be strong.

Francis Lickerish, 9/1/14 19:51
I am frequently asked by families and friends of individuals suffering from addiction how they can best support their loved ones. They talk about the rejection, helplessness and anger they are... Read more


 "Give up to grace.

The ocean takes care of each wave 'til it gets to shore.

You need more help than you know."