Addiction Services for Family & Friends

Family and friends are all too often the unseen victims of addiction. By a subtle and sinister process the pathology will seem to take on a life of its own and manoeuvre itself into the centre of the family or the social system. It will become the organising principle of the family. Every decision will seem to be made in the light of the addiction.

"Can we go on holiday, whilst our child at such risk from ther drug taking?

"Can we afford to move house whilst my husband still gambles?"

"Should I change my job? It pays more, but involves shifts that would mean my son is left with her mother in the evenings, and I fear she drinks too much to care for him safely?"

Addiction will figure prominently in almost every family decision. In short, it will take over and all concerned will suffer doubt, anxiety, guilt and bewilderment and try as hard as they can to manage the situation in whatever way they can. The family will become locked into a sort of dance in which the addiction calls the tune, and dictates the steps. Everyone concerned will feel as if they have to do the "right" thing else something terrible will happen and it will be their fault.

We will work with your family to help you reclaim your life from the grip of another's adiction. We will help you regain your lost self and with it some sense of peace of mind and direction.


 We also run regular Family Workshops that will help you to:  

1. Understand what is happening within your family system

2. Learn how to manage the situation

3. Make positive changes for all concerned. 

The next workshop is to be held in Reading. 

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