Addiction Counselling

Fullstop has access to the most experienced addiction specialists in the United Kingdom. We provide excellent counselling for individuals, couples and families suffering from addiction, trauma, severe anxiety and phobias. If you are not able to attend one of our offices in Lonodn or Dorset it is possible to provide you with counselling via skype sessions. 

Our counselling services are absolutely confidential, safe, and respectful. We thoroughly know all the therapists that we refer to, so you may rest assured that they are highly skilled at building a trusting therapeutic relationship that will work for you.

Our network of counsellors is built upon a deep knowledge and experience of the suffering caused by all aspects of addiction.

To arrange a session, or for more information please call us on: 

 01747 825288 or 07786 608267 or by email here.


Telephone us on
01747 825288 
07786 608267

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"I have always known

that at last I would Take this road,

but yesterday I did not know that

it would be today."

by Ariwara no Narihara (825-80)