Addiction Awareness training

We provide addiction awareness sessions for businesses and educational systems. These aim to inform staff and parents of students what addiction is, how to help, and how it can be managed.

It is important that the nature of addiction is understood. It is not just the addicted soul who will be struggling with their addiction; it will also affect others close to them, be they family, friends, teachers or colleagues. Everyone involved will benefit from knowing what is happening within the system and what they need to do to help the situation. This is the first step in releasing the worry, fear, trauma and feelings of helplessness.

Our training sessions are always matched to the particular needs of the environment in which they are being delivered.

An example of topics covered for parents within an education system is given below.

  • Information on common street drugs & alcohol
  • How they affect the mind & body
  • Dangers and side-effects of drugs and alcohol
  • What different drugs look like
  • Information on self-harm, gambling, gaming & eating disorders
  • Signs to look for that may indicate there is a problem
  • The importance of family
  • How the family system operates
  • What parents can do to help
  • What not to do
  • What help is available

  Question and answer session.

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Addiction awareness training


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What people have said about the training sessions:

"The best session I have experienced in years!"

" An extremely informative and interesting session. This will not only help in dealing with students who have addiction issues, but also with members of the family & local community."

"This was a great session that looked really deeply at addiction from the view of the person suffering and the impact/role that family and systems play in it."

"Another much needed & very important contribution, which acknowledges the job being done by staff"

"Fascinating & highly informative. The college should be doing more in this field & organise follow-up training."

"As we have identified that a college-wide approach (strategic) is required to effectively address the issue of addiction, perhaps Fullstop should be presented to a wider audience."

"Most informative and very helpful. I wish the session was longer."

"This was a superb session. Very informative. I would like a follow-up session on Motivational Interviewing."